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Please dont give the looks of the game to low of a priority


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I remember watching the announcement Trailer with the gameplay scenes and noticing the looks of the buildings, farms etc being rather underwhelming especially compared to the prequel.

Now 2 years later they still look the same so I would really like to express my opinion about the importance of the level of detail in this aspect of the UI. The player looks at his land most of his playtime afterall:)

First a small comparison between the prequel and pictures taken from recent dev diarys: (I know the pics from the sequel arent as hq, but I hope I can still get my point across)




I think this comparison should make clear how much better Knights of Honor 1 looks and that really shouldnt be. The buildings look randomly placed and rather unrealistic compared to the looks in the prequel. I know 2D vs 3D, but do the positive aspects of 3D really outweigh the ones from 2D if it simply looks worse? Sure 3D makes sense in battles, but does it when controlling the map?

Another big Aspect on why Knights of Honor is my favorite strategy game of all time since playing it first in ~2006 are the small details on how you can watch your cities grow as you build more buildings. Not only do finishing buildings give the benefits of each perk but also help your city evolve and look more developed compared to other cities with not as much finished buildings. Personally, it gave me the feeling of accomplishment compared to clicking some buttons and receiving some perks without a change on how your kingdom actually looks.


I really hope this is WIP afterall and you guys still plan to work on it. If not, hoping I could get improving the looks of the cities into the priority list, even if its down the list:)

Anyways, thanks so much again for making a dream of mine come true and working on a sequel for my favorite game ever!!

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I would think that you are looking at compressed stream which has rescaled video footage as a background, all streamed at 1080p max. Most likely the original image quality is way better. On top of that KoH1 had 2d main view with pixel by pixel created raster images, KoH2 runs 3d zoomable map with every object being 3d object with textures and effects on top, like clouds passing by create a dynamic shadows. At his point it is really hard to say how good your actual visual experience would be in KoH2.

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