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  1. I remember watching the announcement Trailer with the gameplay scenes and noticing the looks of the buildings, farms etc being rather underwhelming especially compared to the prequel. Now 2 years later they still look the same so I would really like to express my opinion about the importance of the level of detail in this aspect of the UI. The player looks at his land most of his playtime afterall:) First a small comparison between the prequel and pictures taken from recent dev diarys: (I know the pics from the sequel arent as hq, but I hope I can still get my point across)
  2. Thanks for Dev Diary:) One thing I noticed again is the look of the buildings in the castle (4th picture) who still kinda look randomly placed and in my opinion worse than they looked in knights of honor.. Same thing with the farm. Ive mentioned that before some time ago. Is it still something thats being worked on or is this how you wish it to look? Either way, very excited for the release in the near future:)
  3. Thanks for the Dev Diary as always:) One thing though that bothers me is how the buildings look in the cities... Compared to how they look in the first Knights of Honor (In comparison) they rather look underwhelming and chaotic/unrealistic. I know, a small thing, but the detail is one big aspect I always loved in Knights of Honor:)
  4. Made me really happy to read that you will include arabia in KoH2!!! Very excited for the sequel and the next dev diary. Thats a really great idea! Maybe they could also add the option to start playing as a knight and with that the ability to recruit men for your own army and revolt in kingdoms by taking over these provinces.
  5. I loved playing the Berbers a lot, just because i loved the look of their troops, cities and how shielded it was by having no nations below it and just a few others in the same continent:)
  6. First off all, very excited for this game! Played koh through my whole childhood and love the idea of a sequel 15 years later:) I think a lot of things already got mentioned by others except one thing that made koh so unique and incredivble to me personally. I love how you could spectate your cities growth in - for the time there - great graphics and detail. How you could literally feel your city grow after building some buildings and see more people walking from the city to nearby farms/churches/mosques. Would love the ability to be able to watch the cities growth from closer up in the s
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