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releas date?


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It would be nice to have it out soon, at least as basic game (of course devs should take all the time they need for this basic game so it isn't buggy once it is released), and after that we have years for upgrades, updates and dlcs that will make us stick with this game for decades.

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Late spring, summer 2022 at best.

THQ Nordic would at least go into full marketing hype for at least 3-4 months before release like they did with Biomutant. It is not happening, so Christmas or Jan release is not an option from this stand point.

They are not even talking about closed beta at the moment. If you really want to have a beta and get feed back and fix anything you need at least 2 months cycle. This is not even on the horizon.

There is zero player pressure, twitch dev stream from 5 days ago shows as 544 views. Which is about zero on the reality scale for an official once a month "exclusive" stream. Meaning there is practically zero interest about the game if you consider how huge the global market is. So it does not really matter if they release soon or not, there is no audience craving for the game anyway.

The current thinking of THQ N should be roughly like this - "we have practically no titles to release so we need to be careful with few we still have on the horizon. When we rush a release like Biomutant it is sure loss of money. If we keep polishing KoH2 it might be a solid product. There is no hype for the game from a playerbase so we cant just release it and  patch it later based on large initial sales. So we go low marketing budget as possible and fund development for another year or two and wait for a good moment".

Black Sea on the other hand will take all time and budget they can to make their game better, so no one really wants to have a fast release.



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