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1 province Kingdom and AI


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I love defending 1 city against a whole world. Plunder, build a city with ballistas, cauldrons, towers and watch all my battles. There were many issues with the game that made the method way less satysfying like weird AI movement, not attacking with 2 armies and the wars were just too easy. I have few questions regarding the game:

Is the AI smarter ? When enemies have war only with you do they focus their whole resources ? Does relationship with countries affects frequency of attacks ? Does the countries attack with bigger armies ?

The AI with lots of land and a lot of resources just seemed too easy to beat and take their major cities. There weren't any huge defenses or anything. Have you tried or implemented something like this ?

And the last questions, will there be an ability to play as a rebel army, or nationalists after the last province was taken, or just start as them and create your own country ?

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I think the AI will surely be better compared to the previous game. Also It's a very interesting idea to play as Rebels and Loyalists after your Kingdom has fallen. In the previous developer diares they've pointed out that you could fight alongisde rebels that are loyal to your kingdom rather than the enemy, It would be interesting to control them or even become one in case you lose all your lands to redeem yourself and rebuild your kingdom.

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