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Auto resolved battles on global map

William Blake

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We know that in the game you will be able to either lead your own troops in a battle and play an instance of combat with your direct control. Or you can do a battle on auto resolve and never leave the global map view. It is know from the original that no matter how eager you are to play a direct control battles, over time there will be a lot of battles you don't care about and auto resolve these. We also know that a multiplayer mode in KOH2 is a global grand strategy mode and auto resolve battles are the only option.

In this light it appears that a good mechanics of auto resolve battles is essential for both single and multiplayer game modes.

I would argue that if an auto resolve battle has no control whatsoever and depends only on the initial size of the engaging armies, it becomes very stale and very boring very quickly. If there is a different possible outcome of a same battle under direct control of a player it should be a similar range of outcomes possible in auto resolve battles.

What makes a difference in manual controlled battle? Well, you can be very aggressive or very passive. You can fight to a last man or you can retreat. Lets say you could control that in an auto resolve battle with 2 settings - "tactics" (how do you engage) and "commitment" (how much do you prepare to lose). Let's say for now we have the following minimal set:


  • Rapid Assault (bonus to attack, increased losses, bonus kills on retreating enemy)
  • Steady advance (default)
  • Stand ground (bonus to defense, decreased attack, no kills on retreating enemy)


  • Skirmish (retreat once 25% of army is lost)
  • Decisive battle (retreat when 50%  of army is lost)
  • No Retreat (do no retreat)


Now by settings these differently for the same initial armies you can have victory to one or another side (Steady advance + Skirmish vs Stand ground + No Retreat) and different amount of losses. It also allows additional gameplay each time you need to decide what to do for auto resolve battle based on what you expect to happen. Even just controlling the moment your army should retreat gives a significant amount of new options rather than committing all the army to be slaughtered all the time for auto resolve battle which you can't control.

By extending options for tactics you can also potentially expand greatly on play/counter play variants, time battle lasts and so on. But fundamentally my argument stays the same - each auto resolve  battle should have an input from a player which would have effect similar to potential effect a player would have in a manual control battle. A right combination of choices should give a player better results of auto resolve, the wrong combination of choices should give significant disadvantage to the same auto resolve results.















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