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How to integrate German Voice and Text into Knights of Honor Steam Version


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Hello everyone!

As you might know you can buy the first KOH on Steam (if it's on sale it costs close to nothing) but for reasons I don't know it only has englisch voice and text, and you can't change that.

How ever, for of course our german speaking members, there is a solution integrate german voice and text.

Side Note: You could wonder why I don'tz write this thread in german, in the first place. And the simple answer is, the forums language is english, so I respect that.

Now the instruction :

1. Download the german voice and text files from here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/german-patch-for-steam/downloads/german-patch-for-steam-koh-auf-deutsch

2. Place them in the correct folder, with a default installatiom it would be: steam\steamapps\common\Knights Of Honor\packs

3. Put the files in that folder, it will overwrite those with the same name, however if you feel uncomfortable doing so, just save the original files at a differen location for back up, if needed or wanted.

4. Start the game and enjoy!

This works the same with any other language, the game was released with, but you need to have those files for that language.

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