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some questions and feedback

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So I have almost completed my first playthrough on normal, starting with a one province and taking over the world.

Q: Where can I see what exactly a trade center does?

Q: The benefits of some skills are unclear.

  • What exactly Courtesy does with clerics?
  • Which factors increase cleric's conversion success chance?
  • If I send cleric to study a nation, does it do more than gives me books?
  • Theology has a describtion "increases chance to convert a religion of a province after siege" does this mean that I must have the cleric performing the siege or does it concern the adopt population ability? Does the chance stack if I have 2 knights sieging the town with theology skill?

Q: How does espionage defense work? I have very high espionage defense of +57 and never get targeted by any spy actions but neither do I catch any spies.

Then some feedback and suggestions.

  1. Many people have suggested an ability to zoom out more. I agree, it should be possible to zoom out almost limitlessly in rt combat and in the world view map
  2. Just a general search tool for words. For example if I want to search for certain thing on the menu, i could just write the word
  3. Option to see what certain political choices require to happen. If I want to vassalize my enemy but they refuse it could state that "I need to kill more their army" or "burn more their towns" or "acquire more kingdom influence"
  4. It could be fun to be able to manually shoot catapults and trebuchet
  5. Import food and people to a province from another province
  6. Sell my troops to mercenary
  7. Hire a prisoner as mercenary in a province
  8. Big lakes and town buildings based on it. The game lacks for example the entire Ladoga lake, which is massive.
  9. Ability to increase the army slots for knights and provinces. Really big fights are fun.
  10. Pre-determine and save the army's deployment and each company's deployment form. At the moment we have to manually re-organize the army every time and reshape their formations.

Then some general notes:

Catapults are op, but fun. If you bring 8 catapults to a fight, you will always win. But they do cost a lot of money and ai cheats anyway so whatever. However the ai never seems to buy catapults.

Ai does sometimes quite cool tricks in very large scale fights because it can micromanage every unit individually and thinks in weird ways. For example it charged my catapults with a unit, making my trebuchet shoot them and destroyed 3 catapults with friendly fire.

There are occasional hilarious situations where the advancement of an empire is prevented by the lack of raisins. Maybe we need some voicelines about those goods "Sir our kingdom lacks raisins" "Unfortunately we cannot build this before we have raisins" "Sire, due to the loss of our province, we no longer have raisins".

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On 4/2/2023 at 4:41 PM, Peasant opinion said:

Import food and people to a province from another province

This is something I also thought of for a while. Like if there is a depopulated province that has seen many wars the player can send people there, if available, to recover the province faster. You could also send people to other kingdoms or newel conquered land. It should definitely impact culture and loyalty, maybe each time one sends people to the province of another culture the province culture changes by 5 or 10% to the player's culture. Or maybe one can send people of other culture to foreign lands too. This could be used as an alternative to (or with) culture conversion to speed up your culture on the map.

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