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No point for being pagan


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Like the title says there is no point for being pagan there are no advantages zero. You can't acces gunpowder witch is alright, but you have no unique building chain with a different building affects and buffs like the church chain. Is it that hard to image a different building chain for pagans? I don't care if it's historical accurate. There litteraly no point for beating up the pope forces or other christian rulers. It's just a dissapointment nothing else.


Feel free to state your opinon.

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The gameplay is simply different; you can't treat or play it like it's a Christian or Muslim kingdom. It's a difficult religion to start with but it gains traction as your kingdom grows larger and more powerful by means of its belief system—which is a set of up to 4 skills from a selection of 8 that can be swapped at any point in the game for a low cost of 10/20/35/60 gold upkeep.

Sure, there are fewer religious buildings to make, but it doesn't necessarily make piety or books too difficult to produce. And full Kingdom Advantage win is still possible, as Age of Enlightenment (which requires goods exclusive to Muslims and Christians) is replaced by Age of Triumph (a collection of goods that do not require additional religious buildings)

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5 hours ago, Core said:

You can't acces gunpowder

I wonder why is this, is it produced in a building that is not available for pagans? I still did not buy the game so I don't know. I wonder do they have temple as building instead of church?


I do hope in the future if they make dlc or, actually, I think it would be better as a mod that paganism gets split into more religions like Norse, Slavic, Hellenic, Tengri etc. 


I feel like that paganism has difficultlies because it is supposed simulate being tribal and not yet fully civilised or having institutions Europe had that time. But I think something else should simulate that... Maybe just generally being "Tribe of (something)" should make one have penalties for money and books, regardless of religion (changing to abrahamic faiths will give some bonus but not too much, for all bonuses you need to reform into a kingdom or duchy or something that resembles a legit state). So if you are a tribe it should definitely encourage you raiding for more gold or calm down and reform into a kingdom. 

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Paganism should have the same building queue as christians and muslims because pagans do have the potential for higher culture.

While christians have cathedrals and universities, muslims have madjarash and great mosque pagans should have Monuments and Temples. You know the things like stone henge and well, temples. It's true pagans in medieval europe didn't progress to temple-scale culture afaik but they did so in other cultures such as Greek or egyptian cultures which were pagan from the point of view of christianity. So we could use some imagination and what if logic in this case. 

Also the game could allow for progressing towards multi-cultural empire which allows several religions to co-exist and claim their benefits.

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