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Optional static province resources?


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Would It be great to have a option to have a non-generated version of world map so player can have a consistent expectancy of how the playthrough would be?

It probably doesn't matter so much but seeing the starting territories were just a nuclear waste land would really ruin my appetite.

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Devs PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add this feature!!

Or add a way for us to set our own resource ratios. I love the game, but it's so frustrating when you start a new campaign and your kingdom is 70% monasteries, 20% quarries, and 10% villages. Those numbers are a silly example but you get the point.

It would be great to have the ability to set max# of any given resource per province. That way London isn't surrounded by monasteries, for example.

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There is some logic to it, check out the following files:


In the feature_presets you can very strongly hint that the game should put a particular resource somewhere, although it's not guaranteed if the province already hit the ProvinceFeatures limit.

I suppose you could put the chances in ProvinceFeatures.def for everything at 0, and then manually configure the distrubution in feature_presets.def per province. Then you should get a 100% predictable map I expect.

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Bumping this topic, also wanted to add a suggestion:

The algorithm for resource placement should be more realistic. For example, vineyards should have a very high probability of spawning in provinces on the Italian peninsula. Cows in England, horses on the steppes, etc.

In more than half the campaigns I have started there are zero vineyards in Italy. That kind of break from realism just really bugs me.

This change would add flavor and create more agency to the player. You might decide to invade a kingdom because of the resources it naturally possesses.

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