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  1. The revolution needs a cleric, money, and followers Or it is supported by an enemy state, and the support is conditional on submission to a king and another state what do you think ?
  2. The revolution is an important part in my opinion, since the beginning of the game to form the first province and then the next... and so on According to the course of history, the ancient provinces were shaped by the history of revolutions. It is good in our beloved game to reshape the history of the provinces 😎
  3. Also, it is possible to choose beloved historical figures such as Robin Hood and others. If possible, I think it would be a good thing.
  4. I suggested this earlier to make it easier to choose from the start of the game Either the player is the leader of a revolution or rules a ready-made kingdom on the map To move back to the pre-made provinces in the game.
  5. Hello everyone .. I am glad my wonderful game has been released again ... so I have a suggestion .... What if there was an option since the beginning of the game to be the leader of the revolution and conquer my city or the second option, a ready kingdom on the map .... What do you think! !
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