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Multiplayer - Prince Doesn't Become King on Succession

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Had an issue where when the king dies the Prince does not become the king however it selects one of the knights instead

I was hosting a game and this happened to my friend who I was playing with. Restarted an older save, same thing happened. Remade a new game the same thing occurred. Restarted the game with him hosting an older save file and 1 of our knights where missing but were able to move them around in game.

The game was in a Free for All format.

We have not tried him hosting as yet we will try again tomorrow.

This has not been an issue in single player through the games I have played only in multiplayer. 

Version Build 30794  2022.11.29

Won't allow me to upload save game / Dxlog unsure why not tech savvy with these forums.


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