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Why is Transylvania separated from Hungary? It was the integral part of the country in the era. What is that in the upper left province?
The territory of Transylvania was incorporated into the Grand Principality of Hungary when the Hungarians conquered it in the 9th century. Before that it was their relative's and ancestor's the Avar's under Bulgarian and Moravian occupation, before that it was their direct ancestor's the Hun's. Since 4th AD. Then as a territorial entity, It was first established by Hungarians as a dukedom in the 11th century mentioned by Colomon I. Later it was reestablished as a Voivode by Hungarians, keep in mind that it was ruled by Hungarians as well. With ethnically Hungarian majority It stayed as a Voivode until 1570-1711 when it was reestablished by Hungarians as the Hungarian Principality of Transylvania. Stayed like this until royal Hungary "conquered" it and recognized it as the integral part of the kingdom of Hungary. Which means it was the property of the Crown of Hungary. Then in 1867 it was made it official, fully integrated into Hungary again. Up until 1920 when it was given to others by the Entente. So yes it was always Hungary since the 4th century up until the 20th century, and it will be again!


This is how it looked in the era. 




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