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How to use our bug tracker

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In addition to this forum we also host a bug tracker to gather, categorize and fix bugs reported by the community. In case you find a bug or need technical help, we will ask you to create a thread on this forum and also file a report on our bug tracker:


Information we will need from you:

  • Headline (one sentence, e.g. “Game freezes when creating cavalary”)
  • Full description
  • Is this bug reproduceable? (unknown, sometimes, always)
  • How serious is this issue? (minor, major, crash)
  • Game mode (menus, campaign, singleplayer / online) and difficulty
  • Steps to reproduce this bug (if known)
  • Version number (this is displayed in the main menu, on the top left)


Please attach your DX Dialog / save game / player.log file in the space provided. If you are not sure how to attach your DX, here is a guide from Microsoft 


You can find your save game in the following location: C:\Users<USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\BlackSeaGames\Sovereign\Saves\SinglePlayer

and the player.log is saved here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\BlackSeaGames\Sovereign

If you cannot see the “AppData” folder (it is hidden by default), click “View” in the menu bar of the folder window and check “Hidden Items”. If you have a screenshot or small video of the bug, please attach it as well. Thank you!


A quick way to gather all that information is to use the built-in bug reporting tool:
If you press F7 at any point in the game, a bug-reporting tool shows up. If possible, always generate such a report and attach it to your bug report on the forums or redmine. If you attach a bug report, you should still describe the bug. Don't forget to also attach the screenshot the tool creates.
The bug-reporting tool automatically creates a savegame the moment you create the report. If you use the tool during a battle, the savegame will be from the moment right before you started the battle.
Here is an example of the bug-report tool:

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