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How traditions should (and shouldn't) come into being


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I just watched the Dev Diary 10 Video and I really like how you are aiming to implement the concept of the *traditions* into the game. 


I. How traditions should NOT come into being:

Just please do not allow kingdoms to simply buy a new set of traditions. I understand that players want to experiment and change things round, and in RPG games they love to take the body of a tiny mage and turn him into a superstrong melee warrior. But this doesn't fit here, at all. 


Traditions are, well, traditions and should only develop over time. You can't change hundreds or even thousands of years by simply buying recalibration points in the fantasy store. 

So I want to neglect, abandon traditions? Sure. Develop new ones? Definitely!

But spending a big bunch of resources to simply become a completely new type of kingdom over knight seems ridiculous. This completely denies the very core definition of a tradition. 


II. How a kingdom's traditions should rather develop (main factors): 

1.) Cultural background. What creation myths does a kingdom have? What and who do they believe in? Who are their historic of fictional heroes? 

2.) Geography. Tell me where you live or come from and I'll tell you lots about your ways of living. 

3.) Experience. What does a dynasty actually do? The factuality of concurring deeds. 

4.) Special events. Some special events might trigger new traditions. Say, a fire catastrophe or a terrible defeat in a battle might lead to certain reactions. 

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