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Kingdom of Dacia

Edward - The King

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Hello Everyone,

Good to see that you are interested on this topic, and because you are here I will start explaining what this is about.

Basically I have seen there is no "QUEST" for lands as Moldova, Wallachia, or Bassarabia, I am am suggesting that to make a quest for them as well as Dacia Kingdom, which can also be found in the description of TRANSYLVANIA.


The Kingdom of Dacia is composed by the Following Provinces:

Transylvania - Capital















Below I have attached some images of:

Dacian Flag - Ancient Dacian Flag

Carpathian Mounted Warrior - Heavy Cavalry of Dacia

Dacian Archer - They are Also using Spears in batles

Dacian Spear Warrior - Normal Spearman

Dacian Taraboste (Elite Warrior) - They are considered the Head of Armies, and leaders of the Provinces, using Flax and also Sling.

Carpathian Slinger Warrior - Those guys use sling as a weapon, and it can be found even in the late ages

Flex Warrior - This is kind of a Heavy Swordsman, but his Flex (sword), cound penetrate even the hardest helmet of Roman armies, that is why after the dacian-roman war they had to add an extra layer of metal on their helmets, so cound have a better defensive against them.

Carpathian Mounted Warrior.jpg

Dacian Archer.jpg

Dacian Flag.jpg

Dacian Spear Warrior.jpg

Dacian Taraboste (Elite warrior).jpg

Elite Slinger Warrior.jpg

Flax Warrior.jpg

Kingdom of Dacia.bmp Kingdom Of Dacia Description.bmp

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