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Is a Trade Center on Island impossible/untanable?

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The discription in the "Royal Library says "The commercial appeal of a town depends on its commerce, but also, to a lesser, on the commerce of the neighboring provinces as well."

But how does an Island count its neighboring provinces? If its counted via "lines" on the Global map(found no other purpose) than its nearly impossible to compete with Inland provinces. I think there might be an Issue there in terms of balancing for Nations with Island in the Mediterrean. 

  • Is this bug reproduceable?  - Of course!
  • How serious is this issue? - minor
  • Game mode - Singleplayer Sicily campaign(1110) with peasant rush minor Victory
  • Steps to reproduce this bug - included Savefile
  • Version number - Build: 13667 2023.06.26 13:32













campaign.def political_data.def radio.txt savegame.txt unique_strings.csv world.txt

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  • Developers

Hello @BlackBurn - the Trade Center logic is pretty complex and hard to explain in layman's terms: but in general there should be no hindrance to island trade centres (I think there is even a buff for them, which is visible in the early stages of a campaign). As an example - this is an island trade centre (in Sardinia) which was not that strong but it happened to be the first one in this MP campaign.

I think there is some merit to your claims and I will investigate it further - but in general, chance also plays a role and I do not seem to notice a negative correlation between coastal towns being trade centers:  

One further note when sending save files - please attach the whole zipped folder of the campaign as it is easier to test that way - another way you can provide save files is by using the F7 report tool while playing the campaign you want to report. This creates a save folder in the ZIP and you do not have to individually search for the save file. (gave you further instructions on how to use the F7 report tool in your previous post) 

Thank you for the report! 

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