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When i create a Kingdom, i do not get a new Kingdom Unit Roster.

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I found the Kindgom of Italy recently and my Unit Roster should be that of Italy(Crossbowman). I dont know if this is intentionally, but i do not see the reason then. I believe that my Unit Roster wont change regardless of the Kingdom i will found. Hopefully you can change that or at least present a reason why it should not be the Case.


The issue is minor


Gamemode: Singleplayer Sicily campaign(1110) with peasant rush minor Victory


Reproduction: Just form a Kingdom


Build: 13667 2023.06.26 13:32



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Hello @BlackBurn - I think another player also encountered a similar issue -> we'll look into it further.

Can you please send a F7 report - it will create a report folder + save file with a screenshot of the game at the time of pressing the button. Here is how the report window looks.

Send me those files (the game can automatically open the Windows folder where the bug report is located - it's a zip/rar + a screenshot named after the 'Report Title' section). If you have problems finding those - here is the directory where you can find the needed files 'C:\Users\YourPCname\AppData\LocalLow\BlackSeaGames\Sovereign\Saves\BugReports' where YourPCname is the name of your PC

Thank you!

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