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Game Hard Freezes PC everytime

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Hello, I recently purchased Knights of Honor 2 and have had major issues with the game, it crashes and freezes my pc at varying points, sometimes when I boot up a new campaign sometimes 2 hours in, but in my 5 hours of playing I've crashed and hard froze my pc six times. It's breaking my pc, I've tried verifying files, I've ran ram memory tests and other benchmarks, i've tried other games. I have no crashes. Only when I play Knights of Honor 2 Soverign, I'm extremely dissapointed as I wanted to play the game I've bought but it's dangerously hard freezing my system and leaving it unresponsive and leaving me no choice but to hold the power button down and shut down my pc. I've tried many fixes, checked temps, ran memory tests, cinebench, played countless other games demanding on my pc no crashes, but everytime I play I hard freeze

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Hello @TheShinyOrange - we'll need more info to be able to investigate the issue further.

Can you please send me these files: 

1) Player.log + Player-prev.log after a crash occurred (do not restart the .exe before sending them as it will invalidate the needed data)


2) DxDiag.txt

Thank you! 


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