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Freedom of worship


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Hi, I'm a long fan of the 1st KoH game and when I heard that the 2nd part is gonna release I went craaaaazy! I remember I couldn't wait to come from school to jump into the game for hours. Now as I read these DevDiaries it really hypes me up but I have a question. Since its the mid-late middle ages, most if not all European countries are predominately Christian. Is there a way to change your kingdom's religion to another one? For instance I'm for sure gonna play with my country Serbia and my country became Christian around 11th-12th century. Is there a way for my kingdom to go back to their old pagan ways? Will there be freedom of choice in terms of religion in the 2nd installment? Thank you and God(s) bless you for making the 2nd game!!! ♥

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That is an interesting question... I think in KoH I there was a way to switch to other faiths (you needed to have province with the faith you want to conver to) but there was no option to switch to paganism. I think it should be an option. Also there should be more pockets of paganism in eastern Europe, not just Lithuania, especially in earlier start dates. At first I thought it would be cool to see different forms of paganism but on the other hand I think it would be maybe too much for a game like KoH II as the only types of paganism are Slavic and Baltic at the time. For Norse I think even at earliest date is too late and Hellenism is long gone. 

And I agree there could be some sort of "enforce religious tolerance" opinion which would reduce the risk of rebelion but this should harm the relations with cleregy in my opinion. 

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