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Expanding the Roles of Queens & Princesses


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I've been having a blast with this game, but one of the areas that sticks out to me as having the most potential for improvement is the royal family. I like the princes as they are, but I find the role of princesses to be pretty one-dimensional, and the role of the queen is almost unnoticeable to me. I'd love to see a little more depth and choice infused into this little corner of the game. Here are a couple ideas I had:

1) The potential for queens to rule, given the right circumstances (such as death of the king without male heirs). I know this was unusual in medieval times, but it certainly wasn't unheard of. This would make your king's choice of partner a bit more important, since she would mean more than just potential alliances and future claims.

2) The option to educate princesses and recruit them to the royal court. For the sake of the history, their class choice could be limited to diplomats and spies, maybe clerics. The gameplay improvement is more than enough to justify any slight departure from history, in my opinion. This would allow princesses to be seen as more than mere bargaining chips, and make the decision to marry them off more significant, since you may be losing a court position. You could even tie what they're allowed to do to your religion.

I'm not looking for CK3-levels of complexity, but the option to occasionally bring the females into the mix would help keep things varied and fresh, and cause us to care more about them, I think. 

Anyone else with ideas, thoughts, or other points, feel free to contribute and discuss!

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