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Time to look for India...


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So I took this achievement in-game as a hint for a possible dlc 😛

Looking at this map of 1200 (see images)  it would make a lot of sense because they line out pretty perfectly.  

It’s pretty obvious we can’t have China/South East Asia without having India as well. 
And sub-Sahara Africa is probably not the logical choice for a first map extension. 
Which leaves only the New World, but since this is clearly a Late medieval setting, a map expansion to the East is probably more logical than going West as it stays within the framework and refers back to the Portuguese discovering the sea lanes to India just within the 1400’s. 

Thinking of what this expansion could entail, there’s

- 2 more world religions: Buddhism and Hinduism
- new interesting kingdoms, like Chola’s, Tibet, Vijanagara…
- new elite troops, and war elephants 🙂
- new provincial features: tropical wildlife, monsoon winds, ocean pearl beds, exotic herbs
- new goods: elephants, ivory, lateen sails, dhow ships, pearls, saffron & exotic spices, incense, caskets (luxury)

As for the religions, Buddhism could be more focused on "peaceful" play, perhaps having no cleric class and instead buffing all other classes with piety and books.
Or Hinduism with the caste system, perhaps has big buffs when Cleric is King. 

Then there's two more holy cities, like Varanasi or Madurai (Hindu) and Bodh Gaya (Buddhism).

Could this this be a time to introduce unique buildings for historical/holy cities? Adding Haga Sophia, St Peter, Al-Aqsa, Kaaba etc for extra big settlements and special religious buffs? Along with Mahabodhi Temple and Meenakshi Temple for India?  

Some further speculation about the possible kingdoms:

Pala Empire (Buddhism)

Ghurids (Persian, Islam)
Yadavas (Hindu)
Chola’s (Hindu)
Tibet (Buddhism)
Uighur (Turkish, Islam)

Mongols (Il-Khanate)
Delhi Sulthanate (Islam)
Vijanagara (Hindu)

Btw, the map says: Trade Networks in the Middle Ages, ca. 1200

The yellow is what we have now. They squished Arabia a bit to make it fit. The orange is the possible extension. Again, here they can squish India a bit to make it fit nicely. 



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That is a good idea but I would like to see all of Scandinavia and Iceland first, or why not both at the same time. But no squishing of India please, a bit yes but not too much like Arabia is currently. Also Zoroastrianism should be in game because it was not yet fully eradicated in Persia I think (especially earlier start dates) , and the religion still exist nowadays if I am not mistaken. I can imagine someone playing as Persia and switches back to Zoroastrianism and all the fun drama it would create. 

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