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Multiplayer Issues

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I have now many hours in Multiplayer Games (like 20) and there are few things thats are weird/not working.

1. In one Game my Kings die every ~5min and then i have 2 Kings. One in then Knightbar in the Top and then for example 1 as Marshall. When the "old" King dies the new one dies too and all is chaotic^^

2. you cant load a savefile and start a new lobby. when u try to start a new multiplayer lobby and u will load a save game for a other lobby the player dont have their countrys/kingodms. u have to pick a new one...

3. There are no autosave anymore. When the game has done 5 autosaves (thats in 1 hour) then the game dont save anymore. but the saves are useless, cause like i say above, the "loadgame" in a new lobby doesn work.


I hope u can look for these things and maybe can/would be fix that.

Cause this is a nice game and we look forward to play it. :D

kind regards



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  • Developers

Hello @J2A again! 

1) For the first point
- the QA will investigate the aging of the kings in MP (make sure that the Ageing speed is either Normal or Slow as Fast Aging speed will increase the speed of aging and subsequently the speed of dying 
- about the double kings -> I think it's already being handled by the team and should not be an issue in the future

2) For the second point
- do you mean using the create from save?

which will prompt:

If so please make a F7 report (pressing the F7 button and filling the form, I'll give further instructions below) from all players and send them to me on this post.

Instructions for the F7 report - can be used for all bugs - it includes saves and .logs that we may need to investigate issues in SP and MP (if you encounter something in MP its best to have all players to make a F7 report if possible and send them) 
- For MP (if SP - skip this step) Add the 'thqno_logs.json' in 
- For SP and MP - Whenever a bad connection happens in-game, press 'F7' (if MP: all players - clients + host)
- Make sure the 'Open after create' option is ticket/active: 1)
- If the folder does not open fast (after 5-10 sec.) , you can search for the Bug Report in here: 2) 'C:\Users\YourPCname\AppData\LocalLow\BlackSeaGames\Sovereign\Saves\BugReports' where YourPCname is the name of your PC
- Collect all the bug reports (if MP, if SP - just send the one after experiencing a bug) in the lobby/ campaign after unsuccessful connection and attach them in the Redmine Ticket or send them to me here

3) For the third point:

- I think this is the intended behaviour - you have 5 max autosave slots (should be around every 15-20 min)
- they actually override each other so even if they are 5, you should still have a most recent one that has replaced the first/oldest one
- please give me a heads up if this is not the case

Thank you again!

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