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Problem with Iron Fist trait

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when my Marshal has Iron Fist trait level 3 then he obtains 100% more gold if defeating rebels. This works sometimes, if the battle is automatically solved.  If I fight the battle by my own hand the trait does not work.

Please look at the screenshots below. They are in German language. After defeating a rebel army I got 300 gold, only. I should have gotten 600 gold, because my Marshal has level 3 Iron Fist trait.

The save game is attached. There is a battle against rebels in the proximity of Torun upcoming.

Please do someting in my favour: Please check if this trait works properly if my Marschal loots an enemy settlement. In this case the amount of gold should be doubled, too - provided that the battle is also manually fought.

Thank you very much.




Test Rebellen.rar

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Thank you for providing the screenshots and the save file on the matter. 

I was able to reproduce the behavior with the bonus gold from the "Iron Fist" skill not getting received when defeating rebel. I have already escalated the issue to the development team so they can investigate it further and implement a fix for one of the forthcoming patches of the game. 

I will also look into the bonus gold stat from pillaging and will forward any discrepancies to the team if such are found.  

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