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  1. Hey, Thank you for reaching out and for providing us with the video showcasing the mountain flickering you observed! I wanted to let you know that this is not the expected behavior, and that I have escalated the matter to the development team. They will look into it in more detail and potentially work towards implementing a fix for one of the upcoming patches of the game.
  2. Hey, Thank you for sharing the information and screenshots on the matter. We were not able to reproduce the terrain artifacts that you observed, and cannot confirm whether they were caused by the changes from the latest patch. To investigate the matter further, would it be possible to provide us with some additional information, such as: Does the problem reproduce for every campaign you enter? Are the artifacts present all over the map, or just in specific areas? Could you please provide us with a DXdiag file? (Here are steps on how to obtain it) Finally, I checked with the development team, and reinstallation of the game was suggested as a potential fix.
  3. Hey, The behavior that you outlined was likely caused due the right and bottom edges of the game being positioned offscreen. Since the edge scrolling happens when you hover over the edges of the game window, it will naturally not work correctly if they are not visible. To use the scrolling feature while in windowed mode make sure that the resolution is set accordingly so that all edges of the game are located on the screen. Please do let me know if this answers your question, and if you have any further questions or concerns.
  4. Hey, Thank you for providing the screenshots and the save file on the matter. I was able to reproduce the behavior with the bonus gold from the "Iron Fist" skill not getting received when defeating rebel. I have already escalated the issue to the development team so they can investigate it further and implement a fix for one of the forthcoming patches of the game. I will also look into the bonus gold stat from pillaging and will forward any discrepancies to the team if such are found.
  5. Hey, Thank you for providing the details and the save file recareating the issue. Our development team is aware of the problem and has already implemented a fix, which will be included in a future update of the game.
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