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My Friend, Sweden, asks me to join the war - more information required!


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I play as Denmark. My friend, Sweden, asks me to join the war against Germany and Pommern. Poland is on the side of Sweden. Before I make a decision, I need a lot more information! I need to know how the course of war was, how many troopers Sweden has left, the war fatigue on all sides, the enemy strength and so on.

Is there a possiblity to obtain more information?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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And what is that supposed to do? A spy cannot provide the information I need in the event of a possible entry of my kingdom into the war.

In that moment, when I am being asked to join another war, I wanna see all important information at a glance.

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In my current play through I play as Norway and had an ongoing war with Poland and Miessen. As the war started I sent my spy master to Poland to provide more info as they are the stronger faction. Besides troop movements and sabotage activities, I would occasionally get reports about the Polish political scene. Some reports included indications of war exhaustion as Poland had numerous wars on going and that corruption was a massive issue. My point being that you can send a spy to the country against that faction asking you to join the war to get some information over time. I suspect that you will be asked to join the war numerous times anyway, so you can sit back and let the spy reports come in first.

Also note that by sending the spymaster to the target country you will have instant access to troop movements, so you can see how many armies are in the field, their composition and skill level. A high quantity of peasants in an army tells me that finances and levy quotas are bad there, plus if you see a few marshals with skill levels below 5, it indicates that the previous commanders were killed or imprisoned in combat meaning that the target country is not doing too well in the war. At that point, if I know that my court mostly agrees with the decision to enter the war and that the political blow back is at minimum then I would enter it. The opposite being the case of course. I reckon for now the game was designed so that you can infer information from the tea leaves scattered about.

Personally I would love a squire type system where your spymaster can hire agents to infiltrate numerous countries so you can get more information. ^^

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