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A little more authenticity for Rus'.


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Good afternoon, I'm new here, I really liked the game. And so I would like the game to be even deeper and more interesting. I like Ancient Rus' and would like to see it deeper. For example, in the Novgorod Republic, the princes did not have a dominant role, but the Veche dominated - this can be called the modern term parliament. It would be a difficult but interesting process to persuade the Veche to its side and, for example, declare war on someone. After all, Veche had to decide who to declare war on.



I would also like to see other models for the troops and portraits of princes. Russian heavy infantry and heavy archers look too western. Obviously, most of all about ancient Rus' will be in Russian, but with the help of tools it can be translated. Here is an example of interesting images and armor. And the fact that Novgorod uses arbolists who are not available in the game.






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