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Impressions after 42 hours gameplay (normal difficulty)


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I really enjoy playing this marvellous grand strategi game. So much so, that I don't want my game to end in a looong time. This gem of a grand strategy game is rock solid, very accesible although a game you must discover through gameplay.  To be able to play you don't need a manual or Wiki, just read the built in tutorials and tips and try things out.

Since I have played historical grand strategy games for 20 years I feel I can compare Knights of Honor with many games. One might describe KoH II as a combination of Crusader Kingss 3 and Medieval Total War, Although I prefer to view it as a totally unique consept,. That is what it is in my opinion. A concept that can be used for so many games in the future.  

So, what is great about it? The AI works very well., which make singe player great fun. A game should be challenging, and so this is. I find myself constantly using diplomacy to be able to keep good relations, make sure no neighbour grow too strong, and getting needed goods. If you declare war other countries reacts upon you according to their view of the faction you attack.
Building the right buildings and importing the right goods is a interresting part of the game. It iis a clrear connection between what yourself can build and what you are able to produce. Some goodsyou have to import and for that you need merchants and good relations with countries producing the goods. To rule your empire successfully you have to keep the different population classes happy, and sometimes you have to convert people to your religion. One provinces that lacked a churs suddenly converted to Islam. Perhaps not realistic but albeit fun. 

Even though I already love this game I have a small wishlist:
1. The possibility to zoom a little bit more both on the campaign and battle map. (Love the possitility to reduces speed on the battle- and campaign map btw)
2. For fun and immersion I would like to be able to rename my characters.

As for the other parts of the game I can't say morebefore I have played  at least twice as many hours, another faction, and on Hard difficulty. Historical grand strategy games deserve thorough play through imo before giving it a verdict. But for now I can say - it got me hooked! A clear 9/10. 10/10 with a couple of adjustments.

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There are so many great and interesting things combined in this game, but one has to play it to discover them himself!
I would also like to point some things out similar to your wishlist:
1. You are right about the zoom option - it is especially needed when you start owning a lot of land
2. The "political view" might be touched a bit because with a lot of fights, it gets messy 🙂
3. I think changing knights' skills at the cost of books can also be added, so we can have an extra use of the oversupply of books in the "late game".
4. A super easy setting can be added where knights dont age and die (they remain permanent but at the same time releasable/inprisonable etc.).

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