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Plz check the SEVER (for multi)

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  1. How can game be like this. Every single game, u meet Crashing out player 100% at least 3 times
  2. there is no any perfect connected player for any single game ever from the releasing of KOH2
  3. This thing cannot be player's problem. if so how can we face those who be crashed everysingle game?
  4. Should we play multi with gathering in the same house and put the LAN port each other?
    we sure didnt pay for BETA test or Early access. u sold it as title and i pay for it.
    I am not a godm QC for KOH2
    Never tell me check my status or network. 
    At least u've ever palyed multi once u sure to face this dmm problem at least 10time for 1 single game
    sorry for saying this but
    No excuse for this problem for devs, there is only a few ppl who play multi less than 20 ppl plays multi at same time. 
    how can this problem happened to KoH2 ? wt a shame on u
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21 hours ago, THQN Fabian said:

The game is utilizing p2p connections, so if the connection fails it is not because of our servers (as we don't use them). One thing that often helps with connectivity issues is to disable IPv6:


Maybe so, but I have heard players regularly report trouble with THQN servers in particular in the context of being unable to play multiplayer.

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