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For Honor! - a fan's poem


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For Honor!


What is that virtue so bright

That would save from horror

The virtue of valor and might

The noble man’s Honor


When a liar meets his end

You will find no mourners

A noble man must defend

His own name through Honor


Honor quells the lies

Told by wicked brutes

A just man knows its price

It is the price for Truth


Honor forges holy bound

Between all noble lords

A wise man knows the sound

Of honorable words


The best strategy out there

As told by every scholar

Against a deed unfair, against despair

Is the way of Truth and Honor


So sharpen your blade of tongue

Let Truth be on your banner

Crush the wicked with a song

Ride for Justice and for Honor


Now that I have placed my Knightly vows

I embrace the Honor they bestow!

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