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Bulgarian Language Mod - Voulunteers Are Welcome


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Hi, so I started work on translating the game to Bulgarian and am hoping to release a mod with these translation.

I've only just started it, and there's quite a bit of text in the game as it stands, so it will probably take a while for me to do it on my own between work and everything, so anyone that wants to contribute to the project is more than welcome to (or if anyone has started on a translation mod already, it'd be nice to combine our efforts)! No technical knowledge required.

Just send me a DM on here and we can start collaborating.

Anyway, here's a veeeeery early preview:




Cheers and happy holidays!

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4 hours ago, tomba said:

hi. how did you get it to translate the languages.csv file as well. it translates the texts of the folders in the text folder, but it reads languages.csv in English, even if I translated it.

I don't know if this is exactly what you're referring to, but I noticed that when the main menu gets loaded for the first time, it will use some hard-coded translations instead of the ones defined in the Texts folder, and this happens for all languages. These default strings seem to only be present for the menu and loading text, so if you then load up a game, the translations from the Texts folder will be used. If you then exit the loaded game and go back to the main menu, it will now also be using the strings defined in Texts. Changing languages also appears to cause the game to load in the Texts translations on the main menu, so one way to check that the game has picked up your translations would be to change to another language, then load up the language where you've placed your translatons again.

I haven't been able to find a work-around that will force the game to use the translated strings on the menu even upon the initial load-in, but given that the correct translations are used everywhere else, I haven't bothered too much to find a solution - I'm sure this minor issue will be resolved as the devs integrate better modding support in the future, assuming everything there goes accoring to plan. I hope that helps answer your question. 


Anyway, I'm continuing to make progress with the Bulgarian translations, I'd say I now have about 4% of the texts translated (excluding the wiki entries), mostly going through the diplomatic messages - I'd say around 20% of those are done so far. Again, if there are any volunteers that would like to help with the translations, do let me know.

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