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EotW voting explained?


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Does anyone know where the total amount of points required in a vote comes from?
I manually initiated a vote (see picture), and it states that the outcome was 6920 / 15935.


The in-game library mentions a win is "two thirds of all voting points available", but 15935 is not two thirds of neither available votes nor the total fame.

Does anyone what those 15935 are derived from??

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1 hour ago, Zerg said:

15935 is exactly half of all the fame (except your own). So it seems the text in the in-game library is outdated and you only need to get half of the points.

Thats it! Thank you! 🙂

I have verified this with other saves as well.

So to be clear: To win a manually initiated vote for EotW, you need to gain a point total of HALF the fame of all the great kingdoms (excluding your own fame).

Seems like the wording in the game is incorrect, or at least could be more clear about fame vs voting points. (And obviously not 2/3 when its in fact looking at 1/2 of total fame of all powers excluding one's own)

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