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So Let's start with an in mood feedback before to then be more precise.

What the freak is wrong with Rebels and Ennemies in Solo. So after 3 whole days (And 3 or 4 Different Emperors) I have to deal with 3 wars at a time, So all alone I could deal with it but then come the dozens YES DOZENS of rebels per day I got. And this is without any doubt the first threat. I don't stop to get new rebels again and again, I have 4 Marshall just for them And I don't achieve to get these rebels as fast as they Appear. I elimiinate 1 Rebel then 2 more come each time (not really each time, but too often), So much that I can not have the time to counter strick all the ennemies Kingdoms who don't stop to harrass me.

I precise I'm kind to often win battle up to 1 on 3 (Army rate) considering I have 3 stars troops I can handle it. But I can not have 8 Marshalls too. I already have 4 I think it's enough. And even Worst I have to deal with so much rebels that I don't see when ennemies kingdoms take my cities. I just lost 4 Cities Like this. We need a way bigger warn when someone siege each of our cities.


Well ok that said let's recap what I think are problems:

First the Battles (I consider that if we want to be in Knights of Honor it's first of all because we want to lead our armies as often as possible, if we don't we would be on Crusader Kind):

1) The initiative: How can it be possible when we are under siege That the one in the Castle get initiative. It should never go this way.
An ennemy assault our Empire, attack our villages plunder everything and then want litteraly to take control of the City and the Région. It's HIM who should always have the initiative. He want the Big reward with everything it implies SO He take It's troops and got to the walls if want it.
There is no point to give initiative to the Defenders. He is in its Kindgom he is under siege and aggressed it's normal he stay behind the wall. There are even some moment or it was laughable. Sometime, Even when I was bringing my troops outside the Castle they wasn't attacking. Same when I go just in front of them. I litteraly have to go in the range of their archers. Could it be even more easy for the assailant ????


2) Then The Siege itself: Why can we not lead an assault instantly and have to wait 50% of resilience or damages (I don't remenber the name) before to lead the battle ? As said above If I want to get "who have the Biggest army win" I stay on Crusader Kind, I would not be here. We should always at any point be able to join the battle and that's it. It's our tactical Skill we have to make the difference here not the Manpower size.


3) Both combine it turn ridiculous with the Rebels who litteraly siege Castle with Peasant only.
And obviously when we send a marshall and start the battle, they don't make a step. It's ridiculous. They are supposed to Siege. Longside the wall with Ladders, Rams, Catapult ? Did you ever see a Siege where there was people with 1 fork to 1km of the Castle with all the other doors completly free ? What are they sieging the Grass ?
I even saw some "Sieger" Step Back in their Control point ..... LOL (Yes outside the Castle)I even saw some "sieger" Step Back in their control point ..... LOL

4) And here come the Control Point: I don't know what is this control point fashion everywhere this past month and even year (Certainly due to LOL/DOTA and the moba kind more generally). But I don't think it have anything to do here, or at least not this way. It litteraly breack the Whole Tactic and the Battlefield too. Because currently I criticize but there are also a lot of great thing no worries.
One them: watch out Hill, forest, and everything else before to attack the ennemies because we can easily be tricked by it. But the control point is freaking out everything. They rush it and it's over there is no fight.

Just an exemple I got my very first battle with a whole mountain in the middle (At least an enormous hill). What did I do, I tried to climb it, telling me from their I would get an advantage (It was right in the middle of the battlefield). And what did happen ? All the ennemies troops walked around without even try to attack my squads, and rushed the control point.
Battle over, I lost whitout even fighting (And all my troops was gone, whereas they even not encountered 1 ennemy squas). Did you ever already saw an army doing this ? Never
This control point should not exist, or at least certainly not this way, because it breack the whole tactical part whereas it should be the opposite. The principe of Skirmish is to cost troops to the ennnemy not to control a Campement.


5) The archers: What is wrong with them ? So some time a Cavalery charge knock them all done (Which really Great), and some other it doesn't do anything ???? Worst sometime archer run faster THAN CAVALERY ???? And come the Nightmare, Guess What .... the Mounted Archers. Uncatchable, And they shot at the same time they are running, this is NO WAY. So they are not overpowerfull but it's way too much this Mounted Archers should not be able to runaway so much.


6) According to me the main problem is due to the fact that Squads can breack the fight (With an other Squads) when they want. When 2 squads fight (Or more) they should be locked; that's it. And then if a new squad join they try to find their way to the ennemy, but still locked as long as they are fighting.


We can see there are Great things which happen sometime in this battle, really (And I'm an expert in this field) but currently it's a complete mess.


7) Rank of our troops: I really like it but accordding to me when we retreat Legendary Squads should always survive. When they are legendary It should be guarranty (It was already so hard to get them at such level). In the worst case if you don't want to guarranty it we should always have an Escape Zone, and all the squads inside could retreat without any fear.
Because already happen to me; I started a battle, as usually ennemies was more than me but their Troops was ways stronger this time. So I instantly retreated whereas I was still to my control point and ennemies was far. Guess what ? I still lost half of my squads (Veteran squads by the way). This should never happen when we are still far from the ennemies there is no reason to lose squads. Retreat is part of tactic too.


8 ) Back to the Siege: I forgot something. How do you explain that Archers are not to the Top of the wall when we start ? How can they be lost in the middle of the Castle. Worst of all, the time it take them to go to the top of the wall The Ennemy litteraly have the time to put a ladder and climb it. It make the archer in difficulties in a Castle. And when they are to the top of the wall they should not get hurt so easily by ennemies archers. They are protected there.


9) Allies and the diplomatie: Would be great to have allies who really do what they said they will do and send their troops to help Us in Our Kingdom (I already pay 10K Gold to an other kingdom to get support in war but I didn't see any of their troops, so maybe it was a coincidence but still we should see them more often).


10) Then I also get dozens of War offer which destroy my reputation when I accept and fight for my allies but then my allies make peace with the ennemy. But this same ennemy declare war to me just after and this time my Ally do not want to help me. I don't know but such allies I don't like too much.

Globally in diplomacy we don't have enough freedom. Check Grand Age Medieval or Oriental Empire, they are the best I see (I talk about the diplomacy itself) in this topic. We could really settle the agreement we want.


11) Music: It would Great if we could avoid the Enormous pause that we have sometime. Which give a Huge silence, I personnaly do not like this too much (I precise I putted every to 80% ).


I only focused on what bring some problems (There are certainly other troubles, do not hesitate to add your own feedback if you want). Finally I would like to precise, usually If I do NOT mention something it means I like it.

Thank You

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:classic_biggrin::classic_biggrin::classic_biggrin: I enjoyed reading this review as I felt each one of the OP frustrations and passion. Some of them not a game's fault but the OP own short comings. Some very valid. Some left me wondering as I didn't have the same experience. I will try to address some of them, and hopefully bring some clarification.

First, this game is kind of random, if you're very new to the game, try to start in a place of the map where you're surrounded by less enemies. Some kingdom in the top left corner can be a good first experience. You specially don't want to start as the enemy to a super power that controls 30 provinces, while your kingdom only has 1 one. At least, not from a beginner perspective. To me, being in such situations is actually fun. You may want to hire some diplomats, and get them to work right away. The next thing you want to get in check is kingdom stability in the top left corner, hover over the number to understand why your number is in negative and try to remediate it. War exhaustion is particularly bad, so try to make peace and stay like that until it goes away. Also , if you click each province, you will notice a red or green number which represents the province stability. This is what controls the chances for a rebel army to appear. In your first provinces aim to build some buildings that help with kingdom happiness. In my particular play style, for my initial provinces, I aim to get gold income, population size, kingdom happiness. Also once you start conquering provinces, slow down from time to time, wait for war exhaustion to reduce, use your cleric to adopt the population and convert the provinces to your kingdom's religion, wait a little bit until the provinces become loyal to you and adopt your culture (There's an option in the mini map to easily view this), also some times if you're closed to a big empire, you won't even be able to get the culture to change. Read the help section for culture in the Royal Library for more details. 4 to 5 marshals should be enough. Long story short, rebels are not a random occurrence, and you can reduce the number of times they appear.

1) The initiative. I also thought it was strange that I as a defender am supposed to take the initiative. All the opposite, I should sit quietly behind my walls.

2) Joining the battle at any point. That's not feasible to implement from a development perspective. Or, at the very least, it'd require lot of creativity to come up with a viable way to set this up.

3) Underpower rebels trying to occupy the castles. I'm not sure if that depends in the difficulty level on which you're playing. I sometimes have seen the rebels pillaging smaller settlements until they get to a considerable size to assault a major settlement, i.e. Castle. But I also have seen underpower rebels going straight to their death. So, I'm not sure if this is tight to difficulty level. I agree that this can be improved.

4) The control point. This feature wasn't present in the original game. But in the original game, it was annoying to chase the enemies when they ran to the 4 corners of the scenario. I remember spending minutes chasing the enemy marshal around the screen, when I had already won the battle. My thought is that they introduced the control point to avoid said situation. And I disagree with you in this one. Assaulting the enemy camp was always considered a strategical part of warfare as per historical records, after all, if the enemy burned your food supply you would become a sitting duck.

5) Archers. This is a polarizing topic in the game, and the game has gotten bad reviews in regards to the Battle View. I just wanted to point that I had a different situation than yours, where I was getting frustrated because my horse archers were waiting to get in formation before shooting.

6) Locking the squads in battle. That's a very interesting idea. +1 to that.

7) Retreating in battle. The high effort you put into leveling those units shouldn't guarantee their survivability. The opposite is just trivializing the game. Also, there should be a penalty for retreating, I read from some historical accounts that sometimes it was even required to leave full squads behind to contain the enemy until the main army retreats. Talk about taking one for the team.

8) Defender advantage. I agree there should be some advantages to being in top/behind of a wall.

9) Honorable AI. It also happened to me that I sent gold to an ally to declare war, and they sat on it. One thing we ought to understand is that there isn't a sentient being controlling a kingdom. And the "AI" just doesn't understand the connection of actions very well. So, the AI will use some heuristics to determine how much currency to ask for declaring war and counter offer.  And then upon receiving the currency, declare war. Unfortunately, that's where the AI transaction with you ended. The AI will continue to operate based on its set of assumptions of what's the best next move available, and that sometimes might not be attacking the kingdom it was just paid to declare war too. I've seen other situations where I paid the AI to declare war, and it got to work right away. Now, to be devil's advocate, you're just paying to declare war, not to attack. Having a war declaration itself can pressure the enemy into reconsidering their options and retreat. It'd be nice if the AI was smarter though.

10) Dishonorable AI. There are a set of things you need to take into account before accepting a request to declare war. First, you need to find whether you have a Non-aggression pact with the target kingdom, in that case you should not declare war, or you will lose kingdom power and relations with other kingdoms will suffer. If you have a trade agreement with the target kingdom, you will lose kingdom power and the merchants' opinion will reduce. In fact, trade agreements are a very powerful diplomatic tool, so use wisely. You might also get some penalties for deciding not to declare war, for example, if the target kingdom is a different religion, the clerics' opinion may suffer a bit, but occasionally you have to pick your poison, because not declaring war might still be the best choice. Also, make sure that your ally is really at war with the enemy, sometimes the AI just wants to get you to those its bidding, and there isn't anything wrong with that. Also, I think you're looking at this in the wrong way, the kingdom who is asking you to go to war is not really your ally. In the context of the game, an ally is someone that shares a defensive pact with you.

11) Music pausing for too long. Yeah, I've noticed this too. I don't have an strong opinion though.

Hopefully some of these tips are useful, or not...

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On 12/28/2022 at 12:06 AM, Valek said:

4) The control point. This feature wasn't present in the original game. But in the original game, it was annoying to chase the enemies when they ran to the 4 corners of the scenario. I remember spending minutes chasing the enemy marshal around the screen, when I had already won the battle. My thought is that they introduced the control point to avoid said situation. And I disagree with you in this one. Assaulting the enemy camp was always considered a strategical part of warfare as per historical records, after all, if the enemy burned your food supply you would become a sitting duck.

5) Archers. This is a polarizing topic in the game, and the game has gotten bad reviews in regards to the Battle View. I just wanted to point that I had a different situation than yours, where I was getting frustrated because my horse archers were waiting to get in formation before shooting.




Really Sorry for my Extremely Late reply. I didn't see I got a Reply.


I precise (What I forgot) it was in Very Hard (But I think the Team Guessed it)

I think we mostly agree so I will be Fast. But 2 Notes about what you say.

4) According to me This would be True IF and only IF it was us who would Decide where these zone should Be. And obviously this Time I completly Agree it Would Be Awesome.

5) On this very specific Topic I Completly disagree and Stick to My First Comment

Still about 2) I was talking about the Resilience before to START the Battle and NOT join any battle which already Started

12) I add a Bonus Feedbacks: We should be Able to have more than 8 Marshalls when your Kingdom is Big and its the same for our Opponents We no longer have enough Marshall to protect the Whole Empire.

So Obviously we can get Vassal but in this case we should have autority on Them. And it's the same in the opposite senses. When an Ennemy become big He start to lose Several Province Easily. So obviously at the Opposite you can tell you BUT if the Biggest Empire have the Biggest Army how to beat Him ? This might be True but in this Case I would prefer if It was me who could decide up to How much Marshal we should be Allowed to Rule (And it's not something complicate to have)

Obviously we got some Update since Our Previous Post. But today I have the Feeling that the Team Is Mainly Gone. I don't know what your Opinion (And I didn't checked the Forum to verify if a Member Talked about it)  But Update have been Kinda Slow and Even if some Improvement have been Made, there is still a lot missing.

Thank Again

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