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AI is retarded

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As of 1.7 the game's AI is still retarded. For example:

AI kingdoms are always broke especially in early game. It clearly doesn't hire enough merchants and doesn't develop their skills.
By the time I have a fully developed province with 8 building slots its provinces only has 5 or 6.
By the time I've been recruiting heavy and ranged cavalry for ages they're still stuck with light infantry and archers.
Its marshal hangs outside their city happily with his 900 men as I approach him with two stacks of 3000.
It doesn't beg for peace or offer vassalage when it's clearly seconds away from losing its last province.
It goes to war upon request for free when they like me. And all it takes for them to like me is to send them a diplomat for some time.
It marries off its princess without asking for any dowry. This one really gets me because it means a free province.
My main rival accepted my merchants and let me import the missing good needed to complete kingdom advantages and win the game.

All in all it feels like I'm playing alone on the map. I've been a fan since KOH 1 and it breaks my heart how the efforts that went into creating this gem of a game and all its lore are always ruined by a dumb AI that's not eager to survive and expand. Please improve it in the upcoming updates.
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