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Freezing Issue - Need Assistance


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Hello Friends,

I apologize if this issue has been raised before; I couldn't find any similar threads. I've been playing Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign without any problems, no crashes or freezing, until now. Yesterday, there was an internet issue at home, which lasted about an hour. During this time, I attempted to launch the game through Epic, but due to the lack of internet, I received a notification stating that the game couldn't start. I tried a few more times, but the same warning persisted.

After resolving the internet issue and gaining access to the game, I encountered freezing problems after 1-2 minutes of gameplay. There is no response; I can only terminate it through Task Manager. I uninstalled the game completely, performed a clean installation in a different directory, updated drivers, and cleared caches, but the issue persists.

Could you please assist me with this matter? Thank you very much for your help.

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Dear all,

me and my friends has the same problem. The problem happened after the last update of the game.We bought the game from Epic Games. The game is freezing after it starts like 3-4 minutes later. Old save or new games doesn't matter. Also online play option is disable for like 5 days. We need solution as soon as possible.

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