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Voice Acting leaves a lot to be desired.


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I'm looking at the noblemen cavalry especially; no interesting dialogue, no voicelines unique to the kind of knight leading the unit, it's just "I must be well protected I must be well protected I must be well protected I must be well protected I must be well protected I am in charge hea"

Like, can we save these kind of "the player is an idiot and we need to remind them constantly that this is an important unit" voicelines playing over and over and over again for the first playthrough on easy mode?

Also, the knights voicelines really don't change that much between different countries. A german spy sounds just as vaguely british as an ayyubid spy or a permian marshal. I think that there's some attempt to make them sound different, but it's hardly noticable.

For a game where you're hearing these voicelines all the time, it really starts to get boring when everyone's just a british dude with a slight variation in accent.

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