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2 AI-nuisances that are still not patched/solved…


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Having thoroughly enjoyed my first run of KoH2, returning now I see that some lacking AI behavior is still widespread: it does not upgrade or even build it’s most basic of resources, and in coastal settlements it does not prioritize harbors. 

Example: in my Hungary game, when I conquered Zadar, Dubrovnik and Venice itself, in none of these provinces had Venice developed any harbor at all. 

Secondly, the AI seems to neglect even the most basic of resources. For instance, even in endgame there was NO amber resource to find in the whole world, and halfway even cattle was non-existent. Let alone lodestone.

I hope you will take a look at this, because it really forces you to play Conqueror only and devalues any other play styles if you cannot even trade with other kingdoms for the most basic of resources.  


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