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5+ Province Vassals (Multi)


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We told me that it was impossible to cheat in multi. Still despite this I keep usually witnessing Kingdom which have up to 10 (Yes TEN) Provinces become the vassal of other Opponents (Still for me it never happened, the biggest Deal I did with vassals was 3 Provinces, If I don't say mistake, which according to me was already too much).

Here a little exemple to be as clear as possible:

There is Marseille (3 Provinces ) who declare war to France ( 5 Provinces ) around 10 minutes later, while France didn't lost any Province they accept to become The vassal of Marseille.
Then later Marseille (This Time with 7 or 8 Provinces) Declare war to England (With At least 10 Provinces if I remember Well) Marseille achieve to Conquer 1 Town (And only 1) Suddenly England Accept to Become Vassals (And I'm not sure if the Cnoquered City was also part of the Deal)

If this is Not a Cheat, Please Could I know how is it Possible ? (It could surely Help me at specific moment, and it's extremely Frustrating to witness this happen, while during this time, you have 3 Ennemies on your back, who Sometime, REJECT You to become their own Vassals, while I only have 2 Provinces )

By the Way I don't think that any Kingdoms should accept to become vassal if It have more than 2 Provinces (Maybe 3 Max in very specific Situation but Never More). It seems kinda Crazy than a Kingdom with 5+ would accept such deal, even more if it's opponent is Smaller than him (A Mariage maybe, but Vassal NO).

And If this kingdom have itself a Vassals it should become free because then it can fastly turn extremely unbalanced.


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There's thing called War Score, it is increased by pillaging, winning battles, and conquering towns.

When I've started my first game as Croatia (Early Era), I was already Vassal of Hungary (which is one of the powerhouses), I took first chance to break free, I didn't win any provinces in the meantime either from others, I've started the game slow, hired marshals instead of merchants, my income was in the dumps, and during war killed one of their Marshals, and pillaged some stuff, without conquering a province. I've attacked one town with two of my marshals, and they were barely having an upper hand, and then when I've seen reinforcements, I've opted to try peace, and for lols demand they become vassals and they did.

In other game, I was near the end, having massive war with 2 enemies, one was rather weak, one was one of the strongest left over kingdoms. And since I've already controlled almost 70% of the map, I've had bunch of gold, so I've hired all the mercenaries. I've took strong kingdom from 14 Provinces to 2, weak from 3 to 1, and they still wouldn't sign peace, and they've had two times higher war score than me. Because they were killing all those mercs, and pillaging around towns too, without actually conquering any. So they wouldn't sign peace, no matter what I've tried (I've wanted to end the war there, because I've had other massive war going on too). So since I was prolonging the war anyway, trying to conquer as much from strong one, before weak one signs peace, I've had to eliminate the weak one which I've started the with war initially (the strong one joined as an ally), to stop the war.

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