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Real world vs KOH2 World


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Hello, I'm creating this topic knowing that there are much more important aspects of the game than the one I'm going to talk, but we're here to help improving the game, if possible.

I'm from Milan, and seeing in some screens that there is a mountain nearby my city (East side) kills me :-D. I've never noticed it. 

I know there could be a difference between real geography and the game map, but this thing really stands out, to me. It's just the mountain at the right side of Milan, on the imaginary route that connects Milan to Venice. There are only flat and rural lands in that area. A simple wood without mountain maybe would be as interesting for the gameplay, without modifying the real world geography too much.

I appreciate that you have covered more portion of the world with woods and forests, compared to KOH1.

One thing that was a bit strange in the first game was that the world geography was "the same" in every country, more or less, except for the mountains position. It would be great if in KOH2 central europe would be covered with more greenish forests than other places, and center of Spain would resembles more the Meseta Highlands, which is partly less green and more desert.

And speaking about Venice, a city famous because is built literally on water, in the game appears like it was built on the top of a cliff. 

I know there are less important details, compared to gameplay, but I think that these little things really improve the game immersion, especially because you created a magnificient and colorful world that's really eye catching. 

Thank you for your job, Devs!

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