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Extra zoom out is lit!


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I enjoyed achieving all victory types in this game, Kingdom Advantages, Conquest and the most difficult Emperor of the World, as this last one demands the players to put all of their game mechanics knowledge to practice. My interest in the game since has dwindled but I keep coming back from time to time to see what's going on with the game and the community. In one of the recent patch notes, I noticed they added "Extra zoom out" for tactical battles. I'm talking about a new setting that can be enabled by going to Settings > Graphics > Extra zoom out. Make sure to scroll down, as there is a scrollbar in the Settings tabs that is easy to miss. And boy this setting is a game changer. I went through couple of battles and finally felt like I wasn't losing to the "camera", and was in control of my units. I actually think that the devs were a bit conservative with the zoom out range, i.e. They could have allowed the player to zoom out even more, but I can see how there could be problems with how units will appear on the screen. Understandable that they decided to go for a healthy compromise. 

I wish I could experience more battles with this new setting. Sadly, I don't feel like I'm ready to replay the campaign again, at least not yet.

PLEASE bring back the quick battle option from KoH 1, so we can engage with the combat aspect of this great game at our own leisure. This is also potentially a mis opportunity for KoH 2, as you could turn this modality into a thriving PvP (1v1 or 2v2) community.

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