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Declaring Independence!!


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Hi Guys,

I don't know if this topic is already discussed but i was away for a bit..

I've heard and seen all about NEW PROVINCES in the Devs Diaries. which is awesome.

Here's my Q? Is it possible in the New Game to start with just 1 Province in a Kingdom? lets say Transylvania in the Kingdom of Hungary and declare Independence?

Would be friggin' awesome to create your Own Kingdom and your Own Emblem if you can start with just One Province in an Bigger Kingdom and destroy it from within. Almost like an Rebel Army which i know you can't play.

If it's not in the Game?, you Guys talked about MOD TOOLS which come with the new Game.. can I create my own little Kingdom with just One Province 

Best Regards.. can't wait for KoHII: Sovereign

Seen all the Dev Diarys so far and from what i'm hearing you Guys are doing a great Job and the Game will be fantastic.



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