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Advice as a 1st generation player


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Let’s talk about the points that still need to be improved in the 2nd generation.
1. Although it is not entirely advisable for the lord to die of old age, it can be made into an independent option for the start of the game. You can activate it yourself if you need it. In order not to make people collapse, you should let the lord age at the same rate as important relatives, or a little slower.
2. Just like the first generation, let the unit's basic morale and physical strength bar be visualized. Now I don't know how long it will be before the cavalry charges twice before they can charge again. Also, I hope that the basic morale of the city defense army without a general leader can also be seen on the big map.
3. The building needs to be simplified. For example, the items in the Royal Armory can be placed in the building upgrade of the palace or castle.
4. Increase the building column, the existing 8 building columns are too few.
5. The unlocking of arms should be linked to military buildings. For example, barracks can train militia series arms. Castle - Armory trains heavy units. The palace unlocks elite units. And the building should bring bonuses to the number of units, etc.
6. Some famous urban areas should have fixed resource output and special landmark buildings, which can bring great bonuses. Like the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople.

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