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Proposal for the introduction of new types of troops


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Dear developers offering you add more special units such as winged hussars for the Commonwealth, Landsknecht for Germany(and the chance to form the Holy Roman Empire), Strelets troops in Russia

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On 12.05.2023 at 18:33, cc93dcx said:


Может ли Франция добавить рыцарей жандармерии.
Добавлено в Германии: Двойная оплата солдатам с двуручным мечом.

Landsknechts are warriors with two-handed swords. And I think the knights gendarmes are a good offer

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On 12.05.2023 at 18:35, cc93dcx said:

Добавлено: Единицы порохового оружия: например, артиллерия

As for artillery, I think it would be possible to add in naval battles. After all, historically it has been used since 1326

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