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Please, i need help!

In folder Def/UI in the components.def file there are some sprites that are related to UI. Can I specify the path to another sprite if I want to change the UI?

For example:

def RoyalCourtWindow : UIComponent
        sprite Marshal = "Assets/UI/element_royalcourt_footer_marshal.json:element_royalcourt_footer_marshal#2" //GUID:12f3ae921fecf544f9bb2ca6e37d0129


This option doesn't work, like many others I've tried. What should be the format of the sprite file? I used formats .json and .txt UI game files (Knights of Honor II Sovereign\AssetBundles\ui) use the .png format. It seems these files are used by Unity... My knowledge is now clearly not enough to work with sprites( 

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