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Navigation III-Issue

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I can't shake the impression that something is wrong with the calculation of the gold coins in the merchant primary ability.

Please look at the screenshot #1.

Between screenshot #2 and #2 there must be a difference??!!?

Thank you.




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6 hours ago, Alexandra_Nicolau said:

Hello and thank you for the ticket !

The gold gained from the Navigation skill varies accordingly to the number of coastal settlements of the kingdom where the merchant was sent, in this case, Germany.

Right, but why do I obtain only one gold coin? My merchant should obtain 5 coins, because he is on Navigation level 3.

Further more I don't understand why there is no change in gold income to Malmo if you compare screenshot #2 and #3.

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2 hours ago, Alexandra_Nicolau said:

If possible, can you please provide us with a save file for the aforementioned issue ?

The location of the saves file can be found here : C:\Users\<YOUR USER NAME>\AppData\LocalLow\BlackSeaGames\Sovereign\Saves . Thank you !

Thank you very much for taking on the issue.

campaign.def lg-2023-02-11-12-40-46 lg-2023-02-11-13-07-41 lg-2023-02-11-14-15-20 lg-2023-02-11-18-23-09 lg-2023-02-11-22-43-57 lg-2023-02-12-02-13-18 lg-2023-02-12-15-38-47 lg-2023-02-12-16-41-30 lg-2023-02-12-17-29-20 lg-2023-02-12-22-37-48 lg-2023-02-12-23-18-41 lg-2023-02-13-00-50-46 lg-2023-02-13-01-05-34 lg-2023-02-13-21-46-01 lg-2023-02-15-17-54-00 lg-2023-02-15-18-07-55 political_data.def radio.txt savegame.txt unique_strings.csv world.txt

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  • QA

Hello again !

On our side, we could not find any issues with the gold increase after taking the Navigation skill to level 3. 
The increase can be noticed in the Merchants stat found in Royal Treasury -> Trade tooltip. Also, it can be noticed in the merchant's tooltip.
The Navigation tradition and not the Navigation skill influenced the gold income from coastal settlements in Malmo.

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