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Some Issues with German translations

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I'm overall very pleased with the German localization with the game, a lot of care and attention has obviously been put into it.

But it's not perfect. :)
Here are some issues I found.

  • "Fremden Kaufmann meiden" is a misleading translation for "Shun foreign merchant".
    This one has already been reported by @monsterfurby, so I'm just listing it here for completeness.
    It's one of the first things I noticed as well.
    I love @monsterfurby's suggestion of "anschwärzen", which is both fitting and in style for the game, IMO. :classic_smile:
  • "Weiter zu" for "Go to". Really? I mean... really? :classic_ohmy:


    I would have understood "Gehe zu", which also would be very unelegant but at least not wrong.
    The first KoH just went with "Zeigen" ("Show"), which would be a good option for KoH2:S as well.


    Oh by the way... "So sei es" is so much cooler and stylish than "Ok"... I guess it just shows what a weird slip up this is. :classic_smile:
  • The last one is actually the most serious one as it has gameplay implications:


    This is a list of kingdoms that is displayed when you need to choose a destination for a diplomat, spy, etc.
    As you can see, it is not sorted alphabetically.
    On second look, the reason is obvious: The offenders are names that were spelled with C in the original English, but are spelled with K in German.
    So the sorting is done before applying the translation layer, while obviously, it should be the other way around.


Thanks for reading and I hope you can improve these. :classic_smile:

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