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What a game!

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This game is so much fun! Playing "similar" games (Paradox, Ageod, Activision and more) for 20 years I must say that you have found an uniqe recepie. This game is both challenging and relaxing at the same time., and I have to say, more accesible and addictive than most other games I have played.
In my opinion the people behind this game are geniuses on the level of those making the above mentioned games. Which means that the game is challenging, well balanced, and you can win a war against a mightier enemy.
The AI acts sensible most of the time, and does not outsmart you in an unrealistic way. The diplomacy has flavour you probably never have seen before, when the AI insist that you give them a hand in a crisis.:) 

This game concept is a winner. I am 100% convinced that you can make all kinds of strategy games on this platform. I will certainly buy and play all of them. My recommendation: Buy!

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