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How to stop famous rebellions?


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Hello everyone. The game is absolutely amazing but I have a big problem. I have been slaughtering thousands and thousands of rebels from a famous rebellion and my spy assassinated the leader of the rebellion many times but they keep coming with armies of 2000, 4000, 6000 or even 10000 men every few minutes . I find this very unrealistic and it’s ruining the game for me. Please developers patch this feature and make famous rebellions stop attacking you after you defeat their armies  a few times. Otherwise it really gets boring and you can’t move your armies elsewhere!

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  • Keep the crown authority positive or at least at zero.
  • Try to avoid opinion drops as negative opinions will lead to low stability.
  • Try to keep wars short and effective. Long wars lead to war exhaustion which will reduce stability across your kingdom for a long time.
  • Rapid expansion can lead to kingdom instability. Provinces that follow a different religion/culture or are loyal to other kingdoms will always be unhappy if you take over. Make sure to gain the foreign province's loyalty before you siege the city.
  • Use Clerics' "Commit to Charity" skill to directly increase stability.
  • Make sure to destroy the rebels as soon as the spawn. Leaving rebellions unhandled can lead to them becoming famous rebels that can even hold cities across several kingdoms.
  • Certain Kingdom Traditions can increase stability.
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