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Price of units in bug

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  1. Is there any option bonus for price of unit?? as i read there were black smith and cow farm affect for price.
    Howvere, there is  another thing affect to price i think cause there is more cheaper price whre doesnt have any of smith or cow
    u can check koh2 discord in game question . srry its in korean lang tho 😄
    @Doctard  notice this bug. weve discussed it.



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  • QA


If possible, can you please provide us with a save file for the aforementioned issue ?

The location of the saves file can be found here : C:\Users\<YOUR USER NAME>\AppData\LocalLow\BlackSeaGames\Sovereign\Saves .

Also, can you please resend the screenshots with the title being set on English ? It would help us as well.

Thank you !

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well i will find save files.

tho  in my oppinion it is not necessary to recapture for  english.. and i cant cause that is multi game so i cannot load game by myself alone.

as it shows i tried make mongolian heavy horse archer. 

Kermanshah province with black smith is more expensive than Kerak provine whre without blacksmith at all.



alway ty for answeering 😄

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5 hours ago, Alexandra_Nicolau said:

Hello and thank you for the replies.

As per the save file and the provided screenshots, you seem to have Battles set as Belief - this will grant a bonus of 25% out of the default price for the squads.


nah  i dont think its the right answer for my bug. ty for ur effort tho.

As following ur answer it shoud  give us same amount of discount for every province.

my problem was it is not same for province and it affects wrongly. 



And now i found out another Problem!!!!

it is about Buff system for items( like camel and horse)

but u hide the information of item buff which means player cannot check the buff on its producing building!

Only players can read in item list whre u can check kingdom advatage page.

well. in my oppinion only a few ppl can check  the buff for item.

( as leveling system  which i found  out i can make lv.3 for each of 5 skill  after 100+ hrs of playing)

Even there is no any info about items in royal library  (?!!?!)


hope u patch  it to check in building or somewhre much more ez place 😄


Always ty for ur efforts to deal with this demanding players... 😄

I always find problems and report while im playing koh2 so...i ezily upset and show anger in my writing always srry for that :DD


PLZ find my problem of Bugs and fix information system for more easy way to find

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