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major drawback in the game : the stacking.

 Simply fill all armies with cavalry (and put a catapult into asset for destroying castle's door to use them as a sieging force). you don't need anything else.

Charge any opponent's army by ordering the 9 cav (8+general) to charge enemy leader (if 2 armies, simply attack second leader once you killed first).

As the charging cavalry doesn't have any stacking problem, your charge is aiming an enemy at the same location with all cavalry.

Penalty for being too close from ally units is a joke so you kill enemy general and you only need to kill the opponent general to win. if 2 armies, simply pick up all cavalry and charge next leader.

You will kill 1 (or 2 leaders) quickly eenough to prevent enemy to reach your flags.

The same problem with the game from "Total War" serie.

[Imagine at Eylau (or waterloo if you saw the movie) all french cavalry attacking the same infanterie/cavalry rgt. you will crush anything]


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