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NPC kingdom breaks the gamerules

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in the game, the royal library says a kingdom cannot be sovereign and vassalage at same time, but when the game runs, sometimes the Pope borrows a general from a kingdom who is vassalage of another kingdom to fight crusade, (for example, the Pope borrows Anjou king as the crusade, but Anjou is already France's vassalage). As the Anjou King leads the crusade and captured a city, there is a possibility that he would set up a puppet government in that city, and this puppet government will be the vassalage of Anjou. Now ! the interesting thing happens ! Anjou becomes vassalage of France and Sovereign of the puppet government at the same time. and the game didn't crush, so it seems it maybe also works for players.

if this situation is not allowed to happen, please prohibited NPC do it,  

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